What do you want in a mayor?

What are the issues for you?

Generally, what matters to people in one ward is often different to the issues of another.

For example, are you concerned that Council is spending disproportionately less in your area compared to other wards? An issue for you? What would you like to see?

Do you feel that Council doesn’t listen to or acknowledge your concerns and so nothing happens?

Are you concerned about rates, consent costs and red tape that seem to go on forever especially when you want to develop some aspect of your property?

Do you think Council spending is wise – or wasted on projects you’d consider low priority for your locality or the district as a whole?

How do you feel about the services Council provides or funds – and do they meet our needs?
If you feel that these or any other matters to do with Council and living in our region are “issues,” then we are on the same page.

As Mayor I want to lead improvement.

As a residential and absentee ratepayer (my husband Bernard and I choose to holiday as well as live and work in the district) I want to see better services; controlled rates, and sound monetary management.

I want to see an end to wasteful expenditure on low priority or “hobby” projects.

I want to see spending apportioned fairly throughout the district.

We need to address costs for rate payers faced with hefty development and consent charges.

We can’t afford and shouldn’t be expected to fund everything; there are those who forget that.
Whether we live, work or have holiday homes here, we know our Council can do better.

Why me for Mayor?

If you’ve been a long time resident or ratepayer here, you may be familiar with my track record. You’ll know some of what I’ve already achieved.

You may know me not only as a Councillor but also as Coromandel’s Member of Parliament between 2002 – 2011 when I gained the 10th Highest majority for a NZ Electorate MP.

My portfolios included Senior Citizens, Internal Affairs, and Disabilities. I chaired the Law and Order Select Committee and was a Member of the Primary Production Select Committee.

I worked hard for the district. You may recall the new Kopu Bridge finally happened on my watch.

Before then, I was again a Councillor.

Why? Because I love the Coromandel…and like most locals, I care about what happens here.

For decades I’ve held numerous positions with local rural, farming and community organisations as well as local and national government.

As you’d expect I’ve come to know our district pretty well from both a council, business and community perspective as well as being a resident and absentee ratepayer.

I’ve listed some of my activities on my About page.

What others miss

Sometimes Councils get it wrong and vote for something that seemed like a good idea at the time. But do Councillors apologise later for getting it wrong? What do you think?  Case in point – the tax on those who rent out their home or holiday home at certain times of the year and offer more than 4 beds.

Seemed like a good way for Council to raise revenue to help develop tourism infrastructure. But it would also disproportionately penalise some ratepayers. Yes, I reluctantly voted for it and am sorry I did. It’s wrong, and as Mayor I will see it dropped.

There are always other ways we can save money. For example, does a Coromandel Mayor need an expensive luxury vehicle? As Mayor, I’ll use my own – and as happens in such cases – be reimbursed for mileage. No liability or other related costs for Council.

What are other issues should we look at? Tell me. I need to know.

Until recently, I was undecided.
But I’ve been asked by an overwhelming number of people to continue to put my knowledge and experience to work for the district. That’s not just “electioneering” speak – the numbers were totally unexpected and I feel humble at the number of pledges of support I’m receiving from community organisations and people like you. Sometimes approaches to me have been very entertaining (apart from thought provoking). But it also says to me that despite the many good things this Council has achieved, things still aren’t right. We can do better.

So the answer is yes. I’m ready for, and up to the challenge.

I believe Council can work more effectively to deliver what we want and need:

More focus on basics, do things once, do them right.

We need strong leadership with common-sense and understanding of what is really needed here on the Coromandel.

I want to lead the improvement.

What are your options?

This election you have two choices. Put up with more of the same. Or vote for me.

Otherwise you’ll end up with more of what you’ve experienced over the past few years.

That’s not all bad, of course. But wouldn’t you like to see an improvement?

Realistically, no Council will ever please all of the people all of the time.

But I believe that as Mayor, I can lead a Council that comes pretty close to it.

I believe that to have an effective Thames-Coromandel Council, we need strong, unbiased leadership, less talk, and more action that benefits the entire district.

I think most people know I fit the bill.

So please make the effort to vote. For me.

Otherwise, many things that concern us both are unlikely to change or improve.

And if you agree on the content of this page, you already know what that means.